In this world that is hugely secularizing, the clergy have resorted to regulate the gospel to fit the sinner, instead than to correct the offender.

But if you musing that what triggered off profane field of study was sinister, afterwards you are mistaken. The main basis of its outgrowth was not really corruption. It was the rapid industrial successes that were motivated by the grave financial depression, subject matter and condition that befell the total global after the Second World War.

This challenged lots scholars to intensify their pains in inquisitory for not sole awareness but as well tangible solutions to societal technical hitches. This obstreperous scrabble for treatment caused so many an shifts in the society particularly in Europe and in America. Most societies shifted from beingness farming to beingness industrial, from arcadian to urban, from traditional beliefs to current thinking and practices from man sacred to one secular.

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Secular branch of knowledge is not ism but it is change. Secularism refers to the thumbs down or banishment of theological virtue and religious thinking.

While change or in fact lay field is a procedure of delivering human beings, 'first from sacred and philosophy cartel finished (their) apology and (their) speech Secular subject field 'suggests an outlook upon life span which operates short any remark to God or to fix charge upon beingness.'(Smith, 1992).

The inflammation of profane theology is Harvey Cox Professor of god at Harvard University. To promulgation lay divinity faster in 1965 Cox published his highest marketing photo album which is entitled, Secular City. Later, in his scrutiny of the Secular City, Cox same that, "we should revise something from the ancient Jewish institution of not pronouncing the describe of the holy one, be done a term of adoring uncommunicativeness in religious language, and pause for the quintessence to trademark set a new wordbook that is not so besmirched by trivialization and use."(Smith, 1992).

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Harvey Cox deserves to be lauded for his close watch and for industriously highlight that God's christen has been earmarked, trampled and misused. From the launch of the New Testament up to now, apart from the time period of Acts, God has been so urbane that quality beings particularly those who are not so bound up to Christianity have ready-made fun of him (God) and His given name.

While Christians have change state more and more false even more in bounteous their levy various religion buildings and projects have stalled spell profane projects are mushrooming and following enterprisingly. In such as situations the successful profane business community may laugh at the faith as they say that the God of the Christians is so poor that he cannot spend crude projects.



However, the fact of the event is that the anticlimax of the Christian churches to amend their substructure is not caused by the eccentricity of the unspoiled God but it is caused by the error of the apostate profession Christians. The sex and thieving scandals of the clergy are presently production maximum the fourth estate to deal in quicker than Hotcakes.

Besides enriching the pressmen, the misdeeds of the clergy are exposing the hallowed given name of God and his noble provision to be trivialized. The cure of these teething troubles is not to curtail mentioning the moniker of God nudeness as the laic theologians advise but it is but to regard and to try-out the ordinal command which compactly says ' you shall not utilization the pet name of the lord your God for the maker shall not clutches anyone vindicated who misuses his label.'(Exodus 20: 7)

It is not single the mention of God that secular theologians would want to silence they would as well want the intact world to end speaking something like the time of sin. According to the lay theologians, 'it is no long requisite to reply of empire as sinners sin has no stand in the 'technopolis' - nor for that entity do peak other divine or metaphysical position. The laic metropolis truly has no point for spirituality."

The untested purpose of the profane theologians in compliance unspeaking nearly sin was not extremely minacious. They in fact desired to formulate the sacred text connected to the profane man. They likewise wanted to spawn in no doubt that the wrongdoer is settled in a heat up springy and homy place as he receives the gospel in a cushioned, soothing and attractive scented bag which is presented not in a prick screeching sound but in a friendly, gentle and concise rumble.

The lay theologians have compromised so more than that they have committed the transgression of two-timing sinners to subsist well in sin. When a clergy man assures sinners that in that is zilch spiritually and seriously false once they be in sin, yet claim to know Christ after the clergy men will be confident of the largest behind and therefore the heaviest time period proceeds.

This is in principal because sin is sometimes a sugared nourishing contaminant. It is tasteful because it gives pleasance to the wrongdoer. It is nourishing because a offender may go well-fixed in sin but rightful for a paltry piece and it is no much (Psalms 37: 1-16).

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