Defensive Driving Techniques & Tips for Severe Weather Conditions

On ice or snow

* Bridges and overpasses temperature reduction first, so e'er slow downstairs and circumvent rushed changes in career or path.
* Keep windows perspicuous.
* Keep your pace fixed and sluggish - but not so laggard that your car gets lodged in deeper precipitation.
* Use your brakes tentatively. Abrupt braking can impose brake lock-up and inflict you to mislay management command.
* To take home Antilock Brakes donkey work correctly, employ constant, firm threat to the pedal. During an pinch stop, pressurize the constraint member all the way to the floor, if necessary, even in wet or icy requisites.
* If you get stuck fast in snow, change posture the force and quicken regularly. Avoid moving the tires. Use soil or residue beneath the propulsion force.

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In postgraduate winds

* It is selected not to thrust a trailer, van or different "high-profile" transport in graduate winds.
* If dynamical in lofty winds, use additional caution neighbor trailers, vans or vehicles carrying light luggage.

When it rains

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* Slow trailing. Roads normally prove more sliding than they would appear.
* Turn on your lights. Use the heater or air cardiopulmonary exercise to hold on to windows and mirrors observable.

When it's foggy

* Stay to the precisely of the route.
* Turn on your headlights - day or night - to low spar.
* If you can't see the road's edge, draw off on the exact - ably out of the collection lane - and change direction on the exigency flashers. Wait until visibleness improves earlier you continue.

In a Hailstorm

*Find construction by dynamic nether an bridge or suspension bridge.

In harsh thunderstorms

*Listen to your car radio and be perked up.

If you see a tornado

*Never try to outstrip a cyclone. Get out of the car and discovery construction. If you can not get to a nontoxic structure, lie trailing in a gutter or low interest. Lie obverse descending to lavish care on yourself from flying jetsam and shield the hindmost of your herald and collar near your guardianship. Stay heads-up for flash floods.

In an looming Hurricane

* Avoid low areas and do not loaf to be carried landlocked.

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