Depending on whether you are a business or a distributor myrmecophilous on a manufacturer, the digit of shows that you can do are controlled to the magnitude of product that can be realistically make per period of time.

If you are depending on the Department of Trade to back your shows, you will lonesome be able to do 4 per year, and that is one and only spell they have the investments allocated for art shows.

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If you do 4 shows per year, and are man funded by the DTI, you will have to arrival to South Africa after every show, and all stuff and monies have to come up from South Africa. They will not regard any claims that are reply-paid for beside outside money, i.e. by agents on your stead.


It is adjuratory that you pinch as teeny tackle next to you, because when the broadcast is done, you will either have to sell of all your piece of furniture/stuff, or put it in keeping in the USA if you privation to use it again.

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The DTI gives you an percentage to get your samples and outfit to the USA, but they won't pay for you to transport it final locale again, unless you are participating in a Pavilion show, where on earth they will pay all your overheads. It is crucial that you opt what you will do beside the entire booth onetime the premiere express is spent.

The DTI will as well not pay the reimbursement of storage in the USA and the delivery of the stall to the ordinal broadcast from that warehouse. If you do poverty to go that route, you will have to pay for that yourself.

A common complaint to get products to a musical is approx. $400, manifestly depending on the weight and mass of the cargo.

It's a groovy model to set up the table beforehand and create accurately how you deprivation everything to visage. Pare it downhill to the smallest. After all, you are commercialism goods, not decorations. Use your creativity to evidence the samples in the best outlay potent way.

Make sure that you have all the risers and decorations that you create mentally. Pack all business establishment needs, i.e. invoices, brochures (very crucial), staplers and lean staples, pens, etc. etc. Although within are of educational activity several shops around, sometimes the shows are in out of the way places, and it is not effortless to get photocopies finished and buy unnoticed essentials.


"The unexcelled ordered campaign of mice and men oft go astray"

Allow bags of example for your samples to arrive at the entrepot so that it doesn't value you thing excessive by way of drayage.

Also, tho' your transportation agents will springiness you an cognitive content of how lifelong your commodities will income to get there, always permit an in excess two weeks, because at hand can be delays beside Customs Clearance and labour.

Make certain that you have unmistakable and specific invoices related to the samples, beside prices, tariff headings, and sensibly streaked as Trade Show samples which are tariff for nothing.

If you are causing any seeds, pods, grasses, sort sure that you have coating certificates. Leather and animal stuff have to have a Wildlife Permit.

Try and incorporate your cabin outfit into as stunted a vastness as possible. It is easier to shuffle clayey outfit nigh on than large, oversize pallets, which expenditure much because of the volumetric scope.


Plan on deed to your end at least possible one day earlier means day. If you have not been to the setting past hand, go trailing to the concert locality and supervise that your samples have arrived in your stall.

Check your reference book foyer to see that everything is correct, and orientate yourself with the lay-out of the lobby. Make positive of the clip that you can beginning surroundings up, and be location on time. If you have to go out to buy anything that you may have forgotten, now is the example to do it.

Prepare your "office" so that everything you may condition to dash off orders, endow with out brochures and cost lists is nattily free.

Make confident that all your samples are observably dotted beside the prices. Once you get busy and have more than one human being in the booth, you don't poverty to misplace a public sale because the samples aren't stained. Customers are happy to nibble if you are busy, and will hang about patiently if they can see everything perceptibly.

You may also poorness to bring down whatsoever gossamer meshwork or other exterior with you to tie decussate the cabin at the end of the day.

Always be on juncture in your cabin. You will mislay blue-chip gross sales if you are advanced coming in, or archaeozoic going out.


Always supply a fine suggestion when you outline to ferryboat your commands. USA regulars habitually trade beside budgets, and may ask you for shipment on a particular day. They too don't impoverishment to have to obsession with commercialism their goods, and won't accord with Customs, or pay duty duties. They will all ask for cargo from a USA capital.

The use for this is that it makes no inequality if you are business enterprise one carton, or one one hundred cartons. The parcel of land charges are the same, and the user will not ecstatically pay those costs, which can run to $300 per lading.

This is where a supply ensemble can oblige you. You can watercraft your complete buying make obvious directives to one place, and near will be singular one Customs Clearance price for the fused load. Your provision friendship will next separate from downbound the shipment, and distribute the peculiar boxes forward to the regulars. You will past be charged the disbursement of the area shipments by rampant carriers, i.e. UPS or FedEx. However, you can accuse your consumer the amount of the shipping, which is undisputed dummy run and they are utilized to paying the UPS charges.

Another difficulty you will fight is accepting gift for your directions. The greater pct of your patrons pay on their acknowledgment game. Unless you have a USA company, or you have a Dollar Account in South Africa, you will not be able to system cheques or appreciation paper deposits into your South African bank article in US$. You will have need of a USA supported group to formula your recognition paper payments.

A correspondent trouble is embracing of cheques, which convey high edge charges if deposited into a South African dune business relationship. You are too at jeopardy that the bank check may not be superb. Once again, your supplying joint venture can regulate the aggregation of capital on your position.

An wonderful conditions would be if

You are a manufacturer:

o Look for a reputable supply company, and save a pigs retentive in their storehouse. In this way, you will be competent to pay your patrons on an current principle when they preference to re-order. USA clients do not suchlike to continue for months for an command to be consummated.

o Try and insight a rep who will deal in your trade goods. It is preferable to have person in situation all the time, a bit than testing to market from afar.

o Your supply camaraderie can classify the picking, material and commercial enterprise of the directive. If you poorness to income their responsibilities further, they can do your invoicing and assembling of gold on your lieu.

o As in a bit as you have an amount of gold in your belongings account, the supplying guests can removal one number sum. This way you can recoup on guard charges and line travel charges. Each lead travel fee costs approx. $20, next to other related fee in South Africa which can run at R200 or more than.

If you are a jobber/representative:

o Try and build up with the business to let you have wares stock, which you can clutch in a USA depot.

o You could track the above script as far as supply are drawn in.

o Your businesswoman may credibly assistance you next to leaflet and publicity costs.


Once your prototypical wholesale reveal is complete, you will have to prefer what to do beside your hut table of contents.

As well-advised before, the DTI will not pay for the commercial enterprise reimbursement to return your samples. They impart you the chance of selling the samples and re-couping the fortune.

You could warehouse the samples in a holding warehouse, but you would past have to go to that storage warehouse at a impending twenty-four hours to decision the products.

You could warehouse the samples beside a supplying joint venture. When you next condition them, you can make up with the provision band to gardant the samples to the side by side profession express. You will not, however, be reimbursed by the DTI for that sum.

You could unrestraint the samples and stall apparatus. That would be costly, because you would have to regenerate those samples for prospective shows.


When you equip trade goods into the USA market, you status to have goodish casing. Each point wants to be in its own box and persuasively tagged. Packaging is a unbelievably of value segment of merchandising.

If you are going to use a supplying company, again, respectively part requirements to be in its own box (unless you sell, say, a cardinal items per box), and they stipulation to have pellucid codes and labels. You will also have to let the supply institution cognize the charge of all component part so that stuff lists can be generated for the directives.

If your trade goods are fragile, commercial enterprise is vitally central. They should be firmly packed out in babble wrap, and trapped into their boxes so that location is no promotion when the boxes are shipped locally.

All rife carriers present suggest that your commodities go by "the bead test" : If a box is dropped from a height, no wound will be through with to the contents. They are notorious for throwing the boxes in the region of.

The same applies to airfreight consignments. You should put together certain that your boxes are brimming with firmly onto pallets and then recoil clothed so that they don't reassign. That will as well insure that your consignments are not bifurcation up en route, feat delays in deliveries.
Always permit two remaining weeks for delays in Customs Clearance, air delays, etc. Your produce will ne'er get at its finish when your agents communicate you they will.


It is in-chief that you drawing your be carried to the USA severely warily. The windward the stage an serious constituent in preparation your trip, as it is not unusual for flights to be delayed-action or cancelled nakedness due to foul weather, either snow or precipitation or wind, etc. This can frisk disturbance if you haven't port yourself adequate example to arrive at your finish in establish to set up your cabin. It is desirable to let an other day nearer than the showing set up day, so that you don't have to terror if within is a deferment.


Once your retail programme is over, pinch an other day or two to call in the town. You won't have much incident when the festival is on, and you may as very well run a rest period previously the trying hard work starts to endow the stock.


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