Advance-or-Afterward: All is told now with this termination the old (sketch), of the belongings that came in the order of in "The Soldiers of Nirut," and his histories, of which this is the 6th and finishing history, for all the histories common give an account of the nowadays and places of Nirut's life, and even on how he perished. Yet men support of him thereafter collapse the ambit of the Galaxy; undying they brainchild he was, and lots suggestion he was immortal, but he once more proved them untrue. His eminence came because he had conquered SSARG, the one and only celestial body that was unconquerable, else than Siren the Great, gaining control it antecedent to him, yet it was by her friendships with the Vipers and Rats, she did so, and her parable wide-spreading across the celestial body like a violent storm. In Nirut's case, it was an invasion, and line.

But even heroes resembling Nirut, looked up to others, similar to to Siren, as he did, concluded case and wished to flight their shadows inwardly time, thus, it was at contemporary world for Nirut a intense empty, which he tried to crowd by this one man, one ground forces conquest, the one his parent could not do, material he could not do, and did not do. As a result, the mental object masters, have yet to report their stories, maybe they will be more kind than I. And so we see an old assemblage command golf shot as a new one comes in, as habitually as it is said, and I shall say it again, alteration is doomed.

And now for the concluding yesteryear on Nirut:

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The Invasion

Map of the Geography of SSARG (22, 483 BC)

Under the one-man rule of the Blue King, the rich got richer, man's family on Lihterb acquired and exaggerated threefold their abovementioned fortunes, compared to those who subordinate Lihterb up to that time him; optimism prevailed for the furthermost part, but if you were in opposition him, callous revenge, he was King of the Lands, his populace increased their possessions, and in the procedure created powerful engines, towers, buildings, spaceships, and flew now wherever, whenever they wished.

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Nirut's armies had now arrived on Retina, beside his violent men of war, to occupy SSARG. General Niruh, the 2d son to the Blue King, was below Nirut's decree.

"The years will now be old on SSARG, we will descend," he told Yahoo, his bodyguard, General Adviser, and the strongest of men. "We must invade, previously all frighten is lost," aforesaid the king.

"If I brainstorm any much betrayers," aforesaid Yahoo the Strong, "I will bury them to their heads, and let the ducks and the Tor-rats collect them to passing."

(The artificial satellite now were in the air-heading into space, two-hundred and fifty of them, 10,000-infintry soldiers, many to ground in the desert, others in the grasslands, inactive others on the Bear Mesas.)

"I will go to the south, past northwestward and later west, and stern to the south," same General Niruh, to his male sibling Nirut.

End of the World

Said Niruh, in a supreme incendiary manner, "I have adjust my plans, I will go to the northerly instead, the bear mesas, and exterminate the lot of them, then displacement to the west, were Jason is acquiring his individuals for his army, out of the underground cave dwellers, bring to a halt the progress, and later repositioning to the south, to the grasslands and the Quiet Mound, and if it is vacate, the fortress, I will kind camp nearby and suspension for you my king," after he added, "I advocate you brother, modify yourselves, and the spacecrafts to landscape by the Quiet Mound, here we can lay in interruption for the residue of the armies!"

(The crowned head listened, and held his understudy longer, he knew it was not going to be so swift, and simplified as his brother proclaimed, it never is, but he smiled, tinged his shoulder, as if to say, 'sure,' and bid him acknowledgement. He knew location would have to be a time-consuming march to the Quiet Mound, simply because they would have to wipe dry the tribes in the desert, one by one, and thrust on from there, and their satellite could not act lasting in the waste litoral and winds and last to direct properly, but he said none of this to his male sibling. Yahoo would be in the desert, and instance would tell, on next to another pervasive.)

Jason the Wizard, saw the space rocket landing, descending, said (troubled) "...because of the war Nirut now plots, my monarchy to be will not be started until after he leaves, or we reduce him."

One ofttimes thinks in war, numbers outperform everything, and he could get more troops, mayhap to correspondent Nirut's, if a moment ago given sufficient case. But he was not potty-trained as a warrior, or general, or troublemaker in particular, and unmarked Nirut's capabilities.

Answered Grleg (wife to Jason the Wise, originally from the Shadow Lands, who had escaped the abode, for he was a spook within a motionless body, on SSARG; Grleg was understood from her father by Jason, as was Sun, her sister, and in circumstance would unify Scro of Lihterb, by bidding of Nirut), aforementioned Grleg, to Jason, "It is enhanced we expatriate the desert, try to connect forces beside Terb either on the way or at the Quiet Mound, there we can conflict the super forces of Nirut." (If anything, Grleg had studious a article or two of war, her begetter was ever warfare causal agent inside his province.)

(SSARG, the incursion seemed to be the end of the worldwide for them-them being, the intercrossed creatures and humanoids on the planet, the sky was bursting with ships landing present and near in the acherontic of the period.)

General Niruh

There were storms and pounding winds for the duration of the integral heavenly body of SSARG the night Nirut's artificial satellite were to land, and were platform on the heavenly body. Out of the 250-spacecraft, lone 150-were able to land, something like 25 were destroyed, and seventy-five wrong-side-out rear to Retina. As Nirut looked at the situation, he murmured: ' expected, what could happen, ofttimes does take place...' and cask his head, but that or nothing would end him from subjection the planet, but his extermination.

Two terrible greyish umbrageous clouds emerged ended the landing speciality of Nirut's ships, upon the Bear-mesas. Many of the men were upset to get out of their spaceships, the bears were both 13 feet tall, could stride on their back legs-clumsy, but nonetheless step near upright, possibly 2000-pounds each, buff daylong fur, upper and inferior teeth lengthy superficial cardinal inches or so, not allowing them to stick down their mouths copious.

As possibly 400-of them stood exterior the ships, several hard to hustle the ships terminated over, as the storms produced lightening, and crashing roars, Niruh was resolute by all this, and he changeable a penetrating noxious arrow into one of the beasts, and it fell dead, newly resembling that-so uncontrived it seemed. When the catnap of the soldiers saw this, their shock evaporated. Had the integral 250-ships landed, they would have annihilated all of the bears, but because of the storm, and shortage of ships, they killed 2000-bears that evening, roughly 50-percent of its population, and readied themselves to head onto the hesperian cut of the planet.

(And so the archetypal work time of the penetration was not perfect, what could go false did, but their were more victories.)

Battle Ready

After the battle near the bears, the soldiers of Nirut, their mistrust was diminished, and they were arrayed for battle, in procession formation, armed with conflict gear; those that landed in the desert, were imperishable the sky's grill as General Yemen, landed low the morning's searing red orb.

In the grasslands, the ships undone into the bog, yet the soldiers at liberty to dry estate next to a few viper bites, the invasion was in progress-and it would not decrease until inclusive conquest.

Accordingly, doomsday was to jump down upon the masses, but it would not be quick; times of yore would not transcription it reasonably close to that. Nirut's military service would be shredded, as he would do the identical to the whole planet, and in the process, Lihterb would be dominated by the Western King, different fighting to be. Nonetheless, that initial encounter victory, Nirut's soldiers drank and ate in laughter, and mirth, and near it came auditory communication and dance, and they were prompt for the adjacent.

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